An Investigation of Awareness on HIV Disease Among College Students of West Bengal


  • Tarunima Banerjee Department of Education, Nabagram Hiralal Paul College, Affiliated to Calcutta University, West Bengal, India



Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disease, College students, Awareness, Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, Transmission, West Bengal


The prevalence and severity of the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to rise across the developing world. Infectious illness experts have recently begun to focus more attention on India. The rates of HIV infection in most of India's states continue to rise. Youth HIV transmission rates can be lowered with the help of quality, culturally appropriate HIV education. HIV transmission is more common among college students. The main obstacles to stopping the spread of HIV are a lack of information and unfavourable attitudes. This study surveyed college students in the Indian state of West Bengal about their knowledge about the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from January to November 2022. The information was gathered with the help of a pre-coded questionnaire, and SPSS 20.0 was utilised for analysis. All of the students were aware of AIDS prior to the interview, but they had a limited understanding of the virus' transmission, prevention, and control. Every single pupil was aware of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Students' awareness of HIV/AIDS was not low overall, but they did hold a number of inaccurate beliefs that should be corrected.


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